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Research Skills and Knitting

The common chord that knitters go through to accomplish their final product is very similar to the inquiry process students go through to complete research projects.  A knitter naturally:

  • Generates questions – What do I want to make? What do I need to know to complete the project?  Is this project reachable within the knitting skills I have?  Where do I go to get additional information?  What do the symbols in the pattern mean?
  • Plans – Look at the resources available for obtaining the information needed to accomplish the project.
  • Collects – Once you have found several resources to choose from, that will help in the completion of your project, gather them together and read the information to determine which resource is the easiest for you to use
  • Organizes – Make sure you have all the materials needed to carry out the project:  you must understand how to read the pattern instructions, be able to make all stitches involved, and have the correct needles, yarn, and additional tools the pattern directs you to have on hand
  • Synthesizes – Create your project / revise when and where it’s needed to adapt to your skills ability as well as length and width adaptations
  • Communicates – This is the best part…model your finished product!
  • Reflects, Evaluates – Look back on the process and determine the weaknesses and strengths of the experience.  Would you make this product again? Would you refer this pattern to another knitter? Did you increase your skills level?  Was it a pattern that could be easily adapted for beginning knitters, advance, or both?


Click on the picture above and read how Crittenden’s Knitting4Life students connect with the skills they’ve gained from the art of knitting and apply those same skills to other learning situations both in and outside of school (KQ, pp62-65).


Carnesi, Sabrina.  “A Common Chord in Our Beliefs.”  Knowledge Quest:  Journal of AASL  38.4 (2010): 62-65.



  1.    mariehollandlibrary — November 12, 2012 @ 2:46 pm   Reply

    Wendy Shang, author of “The Great Wall of Lucy Wu” has featured our knitting circle in article on the middle school book blog The Mixed-Up Files of Middle School Authors at

  2.    mariehollandlibrary — November 12, 2012 @ 2:38 pm   Reply

    Thank you Wendy for this beautifully written article. The girls are going to be so happy. I can hear their squeals as I write this response.


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